What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that your device sometimes saves when you visit a website. Cookies enable the website you are using to do various things such as remembering you have logged in. A world without cookies would be frustrating; when using your favorite site or blog you would have to re-type your password every time you load a new page!

So why exactly do we need cookies on our website?

Cookies enable to do what we do best: serve our customer!

On our own website we use cookies to better understand how it is used, thus enabling us to continually improve your experience on it as well as show you ads to refinance this free service.

You need to have cookies enabled to use the full extent of our website. If you disable cookies, using our service will be much more complex. In addition, if you turn cookies off you will be unable to benefit from the following services outside of the login areas:

  • We also continuously test and optimise our site to give you the best user experience we can. For example we might do A-B testing (i.e. show different users 2 slightly different versions of the site to see what works best for them).
  • We also offer you the service to use Twitter and Facebook to log-in to our portal. This service also uses cookies to fully function. This is only relevant if you log-in with your social media accounts into our portal.
  • The social sharing buttons on our page, which enable you to share information on social networks. These are links to the social networks from Facebook or Twitter to enable the inclusion of connections, offered by Twitter and Facebook, to use functions of those networks, like the “LIKE” – button directly from our website (called Facebook/Twitter-Plugins). The most well-known Plugins are the Facebook-Like button and the Twitter “Tweet” button which you can both use to tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter whether you liked a particular piece of content on our site. The scope of further data acquisition of those parties, data processing or data usage through Facebook/Twitter, as well as the purpose of this can be inferred through the Data Protection Policy on Facebook/Twitter. You will there learn more about your rights and your possibilities regarding adjustments to your privacy settings.
  • We also use Google Analytics ( to see how our site visitors find and utilise our site, for example which browsers are used to visit our site, the countries from which it was visited or if it was visited from a mobile device or a computer.

    You can also prevent these cookies from acquiring your data regarding the usage of the website and the processing of such data through Google by downloading and installing the opt-out browser plug-in which can be found here:

So if I still want to delete or block cookies, how can I do this?

If you want to delete or block cookies you can do so by changing your browser’s settings. If you would like detailed instructions as to how to do this in your particular browser take a look at the guides at However remember that you will not be able to use our website, particularly the login areas, as easily after you have done this.

Cookie set when using this webpage:

Cookie from Name & Lifetime Category Description fe_typo_user (end of session), viewed_cookie_policy (1 day) Strictly necessary The cookies set by itself are necessary to run this website.
Google Analytics _utmz (6 month), _utma (2 years), _utmc (30 minutes), _utmb (end of session) Analytics Google Analytics is a service provided by google for website owners to analyse the traffic on their website. More infos: click here or opt-out here
Google Display Network id (2 years), Conversion (1 month) Advertising Google uses an advertising cookie (from, to associate your browser with interest and demographic categories. Google then uses these categories to show interest-based ads and track conversion. More infos: click here
Affilinet affili_0 (180 days)
affili_xxxx (30 days)
affili_xxxxpv (30 days)
Performance places cookies to track lead/sale transactions triggered after a banner click/view. Opt-out

I’m really interested in this subject, where can I find more information about privacy laws and cookies in general?

Across Europe:

For the UK:

For the Netherlands:

Request for more information

If you feel you need to know even more about us, our business, cookies, or any of the issues discussed here feel free to get in touch (info [at] at any time.